750cc Plastic Twisty Bowl



750cc / 26oz clear plastic 'twisty' container / bowl with hinge (Case of 200).

8mm x 163mm x 160mm. 

Suitable for salads, pastas, fruit mixes, poke bowls and more. 


Made from 100% Recycled PET.

Temperature range Min -40c to Max 70c.

Resealable pack, ideal for takeaway / food to go and great for cold counter & fridge display as well as catering service. 

375cc version available here and 500cc version available here.

28p per unit excluding VAT.

Salad Bowl, Salad Container, Salad Pot, 750g, 750ml, Salad Hinge, Salad Hinged, Plastic Hinge, Plastic Hinged.

£56.86 (ex VAT) £68.23 (inc VAT)
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