30cmx75m Baking Paper Cutter Box

30cmx75m Baking Paper Cutter Box



Silicone Baking Paper Roll in Cardboard Cutter Box (1 x Box).

30cm (12") x 75m.

Caterwrap™ baking parchment is an unbleached premium quality parchment that is ideal for fat-free baking. It is siliconised on both sides for an easy release, non-stick surface.
There is no need to grease cake tins, baking sheets or the baking parchment itself. It is suitable for a variety of applications and is widely used as a lining parchment.
Easy-open, quick use, non-stick parchment paper, suitable for cooking and baking, or to line boxes for takeaway. Disposable. 

45cm (17.5") x 75m also available here.

£6.21 per unit excluding VAT.

Baking paper, silicon paper, greaseproof paper, parchment, silicon, siliconized, siliconized, non-stick

£6.90 (ex VAT) £8.28 (inc VAT)
£6.21 (ex VAT) £7.45 (inc VAT)
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